Family PlayShop

The Family PlayShop is a one-on-one program for children ages 6 months to 4 years and their parents/guardians. Brothers and sisters under the age of 5 are welcome. This four to five week, one hour program involves a librarian and a community resource professional to answer informal questions about your child and provide materials. A special room or area is arranged with developmentally appropriate toys and activities, providing an inviting and inclusive environment for young children and their parents/guardians.

The Family PlayShop combines early childhood education, parent support, and innovative library services in an exciting and attractive program. This program supports the infants-toddlers PA Learning Standards for Early Childhood and also serves as a recreational and social vehicle for families with very young children. The overall goal of the Family PlayShop is to develop a family-centered environment in public libraries. It is designed to expand library services for families and children and to integrate library services into local efforts to build family-centered communities.