Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Kids Booklist
All about Art

How to Enjoy it, Understand it and Make it Yourself. All children are artists-it's just a matter of discovering what medium suits them best. For those whose interests fall in the fine arts, the library offers plenty of ways to explore and expand kids' experience of appreciating and creating art. Check out some of the titles below or visit your local library and ask for a book about your favorite period, style, artist or medium.

Emily's Art

M is for Masterpiece: An Art Alphabet

Museum Trip

1, 2, 3 I Can Make Prints!

Fancy Nancy at the Museum

The Little Hands Art Book

Art Is

More than Meets the Eye: Seeing Art with All Five Senses

Wabi Sabi

The Art Book for Children

The Dot

I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean

Look! Look! Look!

Art & Max