Science & Technology

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Databases Especially for Kids

Amazing Animals of the World
Amazing Animals of the World
A virtual trip to the zoo for elementary school-aged children, with interactive information on over 1,200 animals.
New Book of Popular Science
New Book of Popular Science
In-depth science, health, and technology research and news of use and interest to middle school-aged children, teens and adults.
Science Online (Facts On File)
New Book of Popular Science
Science Experiments and more. This database will not only help you find a science experiment, but it will provide definitions, diagrams, facts, timelines, and essays, too.

Websites for More Information

  • Inventors
    Find information on famous inventors or discover how to become an inventor.
  • Carnegie Science Center: STEMisphere is a community resource that lists STEM-related programs, classes, events and more for kids Pre-K through Grade 12, parents, educators and partners!
  • Chem4Kids
    Discover chemistry by learning about reactions, elements, atoms, etc.
  • KidsBiology
    Learn about the origins of life, classification, animal kingdoms, human biology, and more.
  • Earth Floor
    Dive into plate tectonics, geologic time, biomes and other earth-related topics.
  • Energy Education
    Learn energy facts, energy history, and play some games.
  • Energy for Kids
    Find out what it is, how to save it, and its history.
  • How Stuff Works
    Learn about how all kinds of stuff works-from batteries to money to toys.
  • KidsDinos
    Explore dinosaurs by learning fun facts, memorizing dinosaur names and discovering the work of paleontologist.