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Black History Month Retro 1970s
Film, Music, Plays and TV


Claudine (1974)
While struggling to support herself and her six children in Harlem by working as a maid for a wealthy family, Claudine meets a charming garbage man, Roop. But although Roop is smitten with the lovely single mother, his own life trials make him slow to respond to her invitation to a lifetime of love.
Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970)
St. Jacques is "Coffin Ed" Johnson and Cambridge is "Gravedigger" Jones, black cops who suspect preacher Lockhart's back-to-Africa campaign is a swindle. Neatly combines action and comedy.
Lady Sings the Blues (1972)
Musical drama charting the life of Billie Holiday, a life tormented by racism and drug abuse.
Mahogany (1975)
The story of a poor secretary who becomes a high-fashion model and world-class designer.
Shaft (1971)
To stop a racist killer, Shaft's got to track down the only eyewitness that can put the bad guy behind bars. As Shaft closes in, so does the danger. Up against corrupt cops and venomous druglords, Shaft's out to make crime pay up.
Super Fly (1972)
Priest is a cocaine dealer who is just smart enough to know that there's no real future in dealing coke, and makes a proposal to his partner Eddie that would leave them with a million dollar profit each. But Scatter, the dealer who set Priest up in the cocaine trade, is both unwilling and unable to sell them that much product. As Priest looks for a new source for his big score, one of his underlings, Fat Freddie is picked up by the police. Freddie tells the cops about Priest's underground empire. Priest is confronted by the cops and learns they want to become his partner.


Raisin (1973)
The 1974 Tony Awards winner "Best musical" based on Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun."
For Colored Girls Who have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf (1975)
A "choreopoem" that portrays the visions and frustrations of six young women who are trying to come to terms with themselves and with being African-American.
The Wiz (Play, 1975; Movie: 1978)
A kindergarten teacher living in Harlem is lost in a blizzard, wakens in the wonderland of Oz, and must find her way home.


Isaac Hayes: Theme from Shaft (1971)
Roberta Flack: First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (1972)
Stevie Wonder: Fulfillingness' First Finale (1974)


Sanford and Son (1972)
The Sanford and Son television comedy series starring Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson.
The Jeffersons (1975)
Situation comedy revolving around George Jefferson, a successful, irascible African American businessman and his long-suffering wife Louise, who have moved to a high-rise apartment on the East Side of Manhattan.
Roots (1977)
Following several generations in the lives of a slave family, the saga begins with Kunta Kinte, a West African youth captured by slave raiders and shipped to America in 1767. He is eventually maimed after refusing to accept his new slave name and numerous attempts to escape. The story of his capture and defiance were kept alive by being passed on through his future generations. The family is depicted up until the Civil War, when Kunte Kinte's grandson gains his emancipation.