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Erie City Iron Works : manufacturers of steam engines and boilers, feed water heaters and tanks

The products generated by Pittsburgh’s iron and steel and related industries in the late 1890s and through the early parts of the 20th century ranged from industrial equipment and commercial goods (steam turbines, roll makers, sheet iron, steel tubes, pipes, hoisting engines, valves and gear drives), to products that enhanced everyday life (lawn fences, soda fountains and bathroom fixtures) and those that improved infrastructure (beams for skyscrapers, steel and iron bridges, as well as suspension bridges).

The Story of Pittsburgh, published in 1919 by The First National Bank of Pittsburgh, states that the list of Pittsburgh-made products was too long to enumerate, instead providing a sample of 91 items beginning with air brakes and ending with white lead. Everything from coal and coke to electrical equipment, gas fixtures, hydraulic machinery, nails, switches and signals, steel wire and glass making machinery were covered in the publication.

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