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Legal Issues

United States Steel Corporation [electronic resource] : hearings before the Committee on Investigation of United States Steel Corporation / House of Representatives.

Along with Western Pennsylvania’s industrial successes came concerns. As the entrepreneurs became millionaires, many of the workers remained poor, putting in long days with unfavorable conditions. In a 1868 issue of Atlantic Magazine, James Parton described Pittsburgh as “Hell with the lid off.”

Many labor disputes including strikes, the first of which is said to have taken place as early as 1799, and the most famous being the Homestead Strike with armed Pinkerton guards facing armed strikers, mark the legacy of Pittsburgh’s industrialization. More information can be found in works such as Homestead: A Complete History of the Struggle of July, 1892, between the Carnegie Steel Company, Limited, and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers by Arthur G. Burgoyne. Other legal issues faced by Pittsburgh companies during the same time period are covered in works in this collection, including the Labor Policy of the United States Steel Corporation, The United States Bureau of Labor’s Report on Conditions of Employment in the Iron and Steel Industry in the United States: in Four Volumes, Investigation of United Steel Corporation by the House Special Committee to Investigate Violations of Antitrust Act of 1890 and Other Acts; and the Federal Trade Commission’s document Applications, Answers and Statements Concerning the So-called Pittsburgh Basing Point for Steel Prices.

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