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Anderson, Cook & Co., Pgh. Steel Works

From railroads and bridges to skyscrapers, the innovations in iron and steel production of the late 19th and early 20th centuries shaped the world we know today. Major industrialists including Andrew Carnegie (steel) Henry Clay Frick (coke), Henry Phipps and Henry Oliver (iron), led companies in Western Pennsylvania, amassing fortunes for themselves and revolutionizing the nation with their products. Carnegie and other entrepreneurs are often credited with the rise of industry in Pittsburgh, making the city a hub for steel and bringing new techniques such as the Bessemer process to the United States. He and his partners advanced business and industry to new levels, culminating in the creation of the United States Steel Corporation, the nation’s first billion-dollar corporation. While Pittsburgh’s heritage is strongly rooted in iron and steel, other industrial advances were significant, such as George Westinghouse’s air brakes.

In this collection, you will find information on the iron and steel industry -- detailed in books, articles, photos, advertisements and trade catalogs. Pittsburgh’s industrial heritage as a whole is highlighted in publications such as Pittsburgh of To-day: A Review of Her Phenomenal Progress, Incomparable Industries and Remarkable Resources (compiled by Consolidated Illustrating Co.), The Story of Iron and Steel by J. Russell Smith and Yearbook of the American Iron and Steel Institute, a journal of the American Iron and Steel Institute. The collection also showcases the background and products of specific companies, a sampling of which includes The Carnegie Works at Pittsburgh, Catalogue of the Devices and Their Parts Manufactured by the Union Switch & Signal Co., The Inside History of the Carnegie Steel Company: A Romance of Millions, Making of Armco Iron and Vasco Valuta : A Tungsten Alloy Tool Steel.

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