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Whiskey Books

In honor of the Whiskey Rebellion, here's an assortment of fiction books that feature 'whiskey' in the title.


Whiskey and Water: A Novel of the Promethean Age

Matthew is a crippled magician and the protector of New York City. He must catch the killer of a young woman before the faeries start another war.


Leaving Whiskey Bend

It's 1890 and three women flee a town in Colorado to make better lives for themselves, but someone is following them, determined to make sure that doesn't happen.


Irish Whiskey: A Nuala Anne McGrail Novel

Psychic Nuala McGrail and her fiance try to discover why the grave of a gangster has been empty for 70 years.


Sidewinders: Massacre at Whiskey Flats

Book 2 of this series finds Bo Creel and Scratch Morton as the new sheriffs in town, but a band of outlaws is going to try to burn Whiskey Flats to the ground.


Whiskey Sour: A Jack Daniels Mystery

Lt. Jacqueline Daniels is trying to find her way to the end of a bad week and stay alive.


The Whiskey Rebels

Two veterans of the Revolutionary War end up on opposite sides of a struggle that threatens the new nation.


Whiskey Island

An old secret affects the present and future of three sisters.


The Dwarves of Whiskey Island

Supernatural forces had something to do with the suicide of the City Council President and political reporter Kline Maxwell is on the case.


Whiskey on the Rocks: A Whiskey Mattimoe Mystery

Realtor Whiskey Mattimoe is adjusting to life as a new widow when someone is killed at one of her property listings.