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Weighty Tomes That While Away the Hours

Choose a great big book that lasts awhile.



A group of scholars in search of a missing author travel to the Mexican desert, where hundreds of women have been murdered. 912 pages.



Strange things are happening in the Midwestern city of Bellona. Really, really strange things. 801 pages.


The Pillars of the Earth

A master builder struggles to erect a new cathedral in 12th-century England. 973 pages. The captivated reader may also be interested in the sequel, World Without End (1041 pages).


The Recognitions

A talented art-forger blurs the distinction between real and fake -- in more ways than one. 956 pages.


The Kindly Ones: A Novel

A Nazi SS officer recounts his less than kindly past. 983 pages.



A cloistered group of philosophers, scientists and mathematicians must rejoin the world in order to save it. 937 pages.


War and Peace

So obvious it had to be included. Still #1 after all these years. 1,273 pages.


Infinite Jest : A Novel

A contemplative, speculative, madcap reflection upon politics and society. 1,079 pages.