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Water Your Mind—New Sci-Fi for the People of Earth

Some of the most acclaimed recent Science Fiction.


The Windup Girl

The Bangkok of the future struggles for survival.


The Empress of Mars

Mary Griffith opens the first bar on Mars.


Steal Across the Sky

The Atones, aliens from outer space, try and make amends, but for what?


The Quiet War

Earthlings try to reel in the Outers, far-reaching colonists of the solar system.


The City and the City

Two cities that exist side by side have different cultures and rules.


Galileo's Dream

In 1609, an enigmatic stranger inspires Galileo to create a magnifying glass like no other.


WWW: Wake

The world wide web becomes aware—of us!


Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America

Steam punk saga of a United States reduced to 19th-century technology.