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Water Your Mind—And Hold On!

Mysteries at treacherous waterfalls, adventures in white water rapids, kayak trips down raging rivers, journeys on perilous waterways of all kinds—enjoy these exciting (and soggy) summertime reads.



A white water raft trip down the Rio Grande in Texas is filled with magical scenery and a few other surprises discovered on the river's banks.


The Day the Falls Stood Still

The majesty and power of Niagara Falls is the setting for this tale of young love, family secrets, and a mysterious stranger.


Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Enjoy these short stories, especially The Final Problem. This story was Doyle's way to bid a fond farewell to Sherlock Holmes—but did he?


In the Heart of the Canyon

A raft trip down the Colorado River unites a disparate group of adventurers.


The Falls

It's 1950, and newlywed Ariah Erskine becomes the "Widow-Bride" when her husband of one day throws himself over Niagara Falls. Will lightning strike twice?



A British group of adventurers kayaks down the Aurino River in the Italian Alps. Not a trip for beginners.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The granddaddy of all rafting adventures, and a practically perfect way to spend some great summer hours reading aloud with the family.