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Eight Novels I Would Read if I Were You

Spanning the globe with tales of love and death. Mostly death.


The Book of Evidence

During an art theft, ex-academic Freddie Montgomery murders a woman for no apparent reason, then writes a book about it. The book of evidence.


Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish

William Gould's account of his life in an 1830s Tasmanian prison colony where he begins to draw and paint fish.


Sometimes a Great Notion: A Novel

The Stamper family, loggers of the great Northwest, do it their way and only their way.


Wolf Hall: A Novel

Thomas Cromwell, son of a blacksmith, rises to become Henry VIII's right hand man.


The Road

A father and son try to walk away from the end of the world.


Fields of Glory: A Novel

The story of two young men killed in World War I and the family who remembers them.


Midnight's Children

On August 15, 1947, the night of India's independence, two babies from very different backgrounds are switched at birth.


Dooms-day Book

A time traveler mistakenly lands in an English village afflicted with the Black Plague