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Short Story Collections Connected by More than Their Binding

The stories in these collections connect through character, place, and philosophical bent, inspiring a deep reading experience.


Cheyenne Madonna

A family of chronic drinkers, impoverishment, and racism haunt the young Native American trying to both find and separate himself in these interrelated stories.


One Day the Wind Changed

The desert of West Texas figures prominently in these short stories about isolation and alienation both geographical and psychological.


Memory Wall

Memory is the main character in these stories about remembering the past, recording the present, and imagining the future.


Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories

The fantastic and mundane entwine and connect through recurring characters who explore gender issues in this science fiction/fantasy collection.


Here Comes Another Lesson

The "professor of atheism" wanders through stories both mythical and realistic where sympathetic characters searching for fulfillment often miss their mark.


Cold Snap: Bulgaria Stories

In this debut, a collection of quirky characters bring to life Old Mountain, Bulgaria, a great place to visit but you probably won't want to move there.