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Read-Alikes: Room

The following booklist features books with themes similar to those found in Emma Donoghue's claustrophobic bestseller, Room.


The Compound

15-year-old Eli has been living in a secure compound with his family ever since the nuclear attacks of his childhood. As secrets are revealed, he begins to question his father's reasons for keeping his family underground.


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

This novel told in the voice of the 15-year-old autistic protagonist will intrigue readers interested in Room's conceit of a child narrator. The Curious Incident's narrator is extremely logical, but lacks the ability to perceive emotion, and through the course of the novel, he must cope with difficult family events.


Skippy Dies

A complex fable in the which the main character, a 14-year-old boy, dies in the prologue. The novel, set in an Irish boy's school, bounces around in time, tense and point of view, offering an hilarious, heart-breaking mystery.


Death in Spring

Like Room, Death in Spring deals with a claustrophobic childhood, this time in a creepy fictional village that's an analogy for Franco's Spain.


Still Missing

A young real estate agent is kidnapped during an open house. This is the story of her journey back to "real life" after the year-long ordeal is over. Each chapter deals with a session in her therapist's office, where she recounts what happened during and after her captivity. An insightful and deeply moving look at her recovery process.


Captive: My Time as a Prisoner of the Taliban

American journalist Van Dyk spent 45 days in a single room in a Taliban prison after being kidnapped in the no-man's land between Afghanistan and Pakistan.