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Poets in Novels

Live the creative life through these novels featuring poets both real and imagined.



A young poet at Columbia in 1967 meets an indecipherable professor and his girlfriend at a party. Although wary, he finds himself drawn into their dissolute relationship. The act of violence that results, and its repercussions, are fed by his own dark secrets, and the three-person narrative blurs any firm understanding of truth and reality.


Winslow in Love

Poet Richard Winslow accepts a visiting professorship in Montana after a long, depressing dry spell in his writing. There he meets Erica, a 20-something student in even worse shape than he is. The tentative friendship they forge culminates in a road trip to the Gulf of Mexico, where each must find answers to ultimate questions.


My Life as a Fake: A Novel

Lady Sarah, editor of a poetry magazine, embarks on a journey to Kuala Lumpur, where she finds herself lured into the realms of imagination by a man she thinks might be a hidden literary genius, or a complete madman.


A Free Life

After the Tiananmen Square massacre, Nan Wu quits graduate work to pursue poetry and a new life with his family in America. As he struggles to survive in a strange new country, the tether of love continues to pull his attention back to China, and he must call on all his creativity to dissolve those ties and move forward.


Zoli: A Novel

The life of a female Romani (Gypsy) poet in Slovakia, starting with the horrifying murder of her parents at the hands of the Nazis, followed by her rise as a poet during Communist rule, and her eventual exile from both the state and her own people.



Three Romantic poets, Byron, Keats, and Shelley, are portrayed in this rich, well-researched historical novel, told by four of the women who loved them.


Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

Autobiographical stories of the famous poet's boyhood and coming of age.


Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z: A Novel

Think The Devil Wears Prada in the world of poetry and academia. Annabelle, hoping to learn everything she can about poetry, takes the job of assistant to Z, famous for her sexual poems about flowers. Z is more interested in protecting her turf, keeping her lover happy, and having a lapdog. While she certainly teaches a thing or two, the lessons come in a far different form than Annabelle expects.