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Read-Alike: The Passage

If you enjoyed Justin Cronin's much-hyped book The Passage, then this list of post-apocalyptic novels might appeal to you, too.


The Postman

Gordon Krantz travels across post-apocalyptic America searching for a new leader for the new world, and finds that leader in the mirror. Much better than the Kevin Costner film.


The Stand

The ultimate forces of good and evil have it out after most of the world's population has been decimated by a virus. A truly epic post-apocalyptic struggle by the master of horror and suspense.


Under the Dome

A mysterious impenetrable dome encloses a small town, reducing its people to their most base elements in this tome of intricately interwoven storylines infused with apocalyptic dread.


Man Walks Into a Room

In a horrific story of survival, a man is found wandering in a desert, memoryless - unable to recognize his wife or remember events beyond his childhood. After a doctor discovers a tumor in the man's brain, experimental brain surgery attempts to restore his memory.


The Road

In this view of the world after mass destruction, a father and son journey toward the sea to seek their salvation. Along the way they compete for food, and contend with other survivors as well as a roving gangs of cannibals. A bleak tale of the depths to which humans will go to survive and protect the ones they love.


I am Legend

The last man on earth survives amidst the chaos of the end of the world, constantly fending off the vampire-zombies that his fellow human beings have become.


The Bradbury Report

In the year 2071, the U.S. is the only country where cloning is legal, paid for by the government, and part of the health insurance system. Nearly every citizen has one, but clones ("copies") are not thought of as human, instead they are used for spare parts when the "original" is sick or injured. Clones are kept in a secret compound. Anna, a member of an underground abolitionist group, helps hide the first escaped clone, hoping he will become an anti-cloning spokesperson. Strong, thought provoking writing.



An inexplicable epidemic of white blindness descends upon the world and the victims are rounded up and placed in an abandoned insane asylum. Societal structures break down and one woman who can see struggles to protect her band of blind charges.


The Strain

Old-school vampire scares meet modern fears in this first of a gory trilogy about a vampire plague and the team of human survivors trying to stop it.