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Read-Alikes for The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Other magical stories for The Night Circus fans...


Nights at the Circus

A playful and prize-winning novel, Nights at the Circus twists both literary conceits and cliches into a romance of sorts. With the air of a fairy tale, Carter spins a yarn filled with the drama of characters who live between eras, ideas, perspectives, countries, continents, and a circus that reminds us of the very tenuous boundary between "real" and "magic."


The Circus in Winter

Cathy Day's intimate stories of circus life allow us a glimpse into the lives of circus people in this short story collection that tells of the Great Porter Circus spending the winters between 1884 to 1939 in Indiana. The Circus in Winter reminds the reader that magic never ends - even when the audience goes home.


Geek Love

Narrated by an albino dwarf, this novel of a travelling carnival of freaks plumbs the all-too-human depths of depravity and heights of salvation in exploring those that can't ever fit in society. They (literally) embody the extent to which humanity can be perverted, and what a gift that often proves.


Under the Big Top: A Season with the Circus
GV1821.C6 F45 1995

In 1993, Feiler signed up as a clown with the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus. This non-fiction memoir allows readers to (finally!) play out the childhood dream of running away to join the circus!


Collected Stories

Kafka's story "A Hunger Artist" - found in this collection - echoes the competition between the naive protagonists of Morgenstern's novel, Celia and Marco. A starving man is the main attraction. This story offers an allegorical dialogue between the performer and the audience, and the mutual contempt they might share. Why are people attracted to freaks? And what would drive a freak to exhibitionism?


The Night Bookmobile

The night circus isn't the only magical place that opens at dusk and closes at dawn and this place might be even more disorienting. A simple story of a woman and her life, her books and herself, sometime between sunset and sunrise.


The Tempest

This play is one (and perhaps the most significant) of the various literary influences upon The Night Circus. Shakespeare spins a fantastical story about a young woman and her father, a powerful magician, forced to grow up and old in an isolated and manipulated environment, much like Celia and Marco. A storm (the tempest) breaks, forcing all the characters out of their previously defined roles and into new situations that induce them to reinterpret their lives and nurture new loves.


Peter Spier's Circus!

Share the excitement, too! Sit down with the kids (and kids-at-heart) to explore the beautiful circus as brought to life by Peter Spier, whose artistic abilities flourish with all of the awesome and magical spectacles found in a big top.