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Read-Alikes: Mini-Shopaholic

Are you a fan of the zany shopping misadventures of the characters in Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series? Then you might like some of these books, which are similar to Kinsella's latest piece of shopping anxiety fiction, Mini-Shopaholic.


Good Enough to Eat

Former lawyer Melanie Hoffman must deal with new stresses brought on by her recent divorce, burgeoning gourmet cafe business, significant weight-loss, unexpected financial woes, as well as new personal relationships.


Hens Dancing

This British author covers the field of motherhood from the point of view of Venetia Simmons, a newly-single mother of three who is trying to hold things together in a crumbling house in the country, while what she'd rather do is lie in bed reading Georgette Heyer novels.


One Fifth Avenue

This novel from one of the forerunners of the chick lit genre tells of the hilarious rivalry between wealthy misfits and socialites vying for the penthouse apartment of their building.


Can You Keep a Secret?

If you've only read the Shopaholic novels by Kinsella, you really must branch out and read this one, in which a young woman on her first business trip experiences a turbulent flight on the way home. Positive she is going to die, she tells her handsome seat partner all of her secrets, from what she thinks of her co-workers to what size she really wears. Upon arriving to work the next day, she discovers that her seat partner is actually the president of her company, and he's ready to use all the information she's shared.



The main character is a 39-year-old magazine editor who writes a fashion Dos and Don'ts column. She's starting to question both her fashion sense and values, and wonders whether she may, in fact, be a jerk.


Tales of a Drama Queen

Newly single Elle Medina moves across the country to start a new life that she hopes will include her first real job. But all she's qualified for is designer label shopping.


Certain Girls

Join Cannie as she navigates through what has become her everyday life. Her teenage daughter, Joy, is about to be bat mitzvahed. Her husband wants another baby. Then there's her writing career and the rest of her family to deal with. You also hear Joy's side of the story as this book alternates between the two narrators.


Little Earthquakes

A hilarious, poignant portrayal of four new moms who come to rely on each other as they face life's messy events.