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Read-Alikes for Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Romantic comedies with a touch of mystery are your craving? Then check these out . . .


Shot Through Velvet: A Crime of Fashion Mystery

Try this mystery starring Washington, D.C., fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian for romance, sleuthing, and serious discussion of the decline of the U.S. textile and newspaper industries. Shot Through Velvet is the latest of seven in "A Crime of Fashion Mystery" series, but don't worry that you're starting at the end. Try on this Velvet, and if it fits, work your way backward, forward, or any which way through the series.


She Went All the Way

As in Evanovich & Kelly's Love in a Nutshell, the setting of Cabot's romantic suspense novel plays an important role. The two main characters, an actor and a screenwriter on location in Alaska, find themselves overwhelmed by an attempt on their lives. As they scramble to survive (without killing each other) in the middle of nowhere, they have a mystery to solve and a wilderness to conquer, with few resources and a mutual long-standing dislike of each other. Since when does familiarity breed love?!


Agnes & the Hitman

Hitmen, dognappers, mobsters, dead bodies, hidden treasure, grandmother-of-the-bridezillas, two-timing fiances, pink flamingoes, sex, food and snappy dialogue. What more could you want?


The Secret Life of Bryan

Foster mixes wit with romance and suspense in this book about Bryan, a bounty hunter posing as his twin brother Bruce, a preacher to prostitutes. Bryan tries to find out who is sabotaging Bruce's charity work while fending off the advances of a woman who may also be keeping up a charade.


Real Murders

When the Real Murders Society becomes the target of a murderer, librarian Aurora Teagarden and her admirers, a policeman and a mystery writer, set out to solve the crimes before they too become "real murders."


A Fatal Glass of Beer

Someone is stealing money from W. C. Fields' bank accounts. He hires private eye Toby Peters, and things get even more problematic when they run into another bad guy who for some reason wants both of them dead.


Mr. and Miss Anonymous

Serendipity and several one-in-a-million chances bring together two college friends thrown into a murder mystery plot.