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Librarians as Victims

Who knew that people had such pent up frustration against their local library staff? Check out these mysteries where the prey is the town librarian.


How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams

Investigating the mysterious death of the local librarian, an interior decorator is entranced by the arrival of a romance cover model, whose muscle-bound fund-raiser is upended by second and third murders.


The Last Quarry

Coming out of retirement to do one last--and extremely lucrative--job for a media magnate, a professional killer finds himself unable to take out his target, a young, beautiful librarian.



In A.D. 77, the agent to the Emperor Vespasian, investigates the mysterious death of the head librarian of the world-famous library of Alexandria, bringing him into immediate conflict with the darker side of academic life.


Lethal legacy: A Novel

An assistant DA and her crew are drawn into the strange and privileged world of rich collectors, eccentric library trustees, and the treasures of the great New York Public Library after a librarian disappears and a woman's corpse turns up in the missing librarian's abandoned apartment.


A Fugue in Hell's Kitchen: A Katy Green Mystery

Set in New York in 1939, this story follows a violinist as she helps her friend with the case of a priceless manuscript stolen from her cello case. The recent untimely death of the Conservatory's young dean and the murder of the Conservatory librarian thickens the plot. With America on the brink of war, she hits the investigative trail following a path from Chinatown to Harlem's hopping music scene.


A Slip of the Tong

When two librarians are murdered within days of each other, Werner-Bok Library's second-in-command uncovers a mystery involving missing rare Chinese books, a tong, and a variety of characters.


Valentine murder: A Lucy Stone Mystery

Housewife Lucy Stone is shocked when the new librarian is murdered and the detective announces that the murderer is among them, so she casts aside her culinary concoctions to investigate and comes face to face with a killer.


Adam and evil : an Amanda Pepper mystery

A schoolteacher and sleuth takes her class to Philadelphia's public library only to find a young library assistant murdered and one of her students the prime suspect.


Fleece Navidad

The knitters of Fort Connor, Colorado, including the town librarian, are working feverishly on their Christmas projects, but when she turns up dead, suspicion falls on a newcomer to the knitting group.