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Librarians as Detectives

Is your neighborhood librarian a closet sleuth? All of these mysteries feature librarians as the crime investigator extraordinaire.


The Unraveling of Violeta Bell

A newspaper librarian is once again caught up in a murder investigation after she suggests that the newspaper do a story on four elderly women who use a cab to travel from garage sale to garage sale, and one of the women turns up dead.


The Witch's Grave: An Ophelia and Abby Mystery

A benevolent witch and her psychic librarian granddaughter must draw on all the powers at their control when they are targeted by a murderous stalker who may be responsible for the disappearance of the granddaughter's new beau.


Catalogue of Death

Determined to keep the library open during a fierce blizzard, the city librarian becomes an eyewitness to the explosive death of a philanthropist billionaire and, fearing that the local plans to fund a new town library are in jeopardy, sets out to investigate his murder.


Last Scene Alive

As a movie is shot in her hometown, the town librarian is surprised to learn that her estranged stepson is part of the crew, and when the neighborhood goes film crazy, an unknown murderer begins a killing spree.


Death Books a Return

While writing a history of Wyndham, Oklahoma, the scrappy librarian uncovers a cold-case hate crime that puts her in serious jeopardy.


May Day: Murder by Month Mystery

A small-town librarian and reporter adds sleuthing to her resume after finding the corpse of her new boyfriend on the floor of the library.


Murder by the Book

When a librarian keeps stumbling upon dead bodies, she becomes the number one suspect and must match wits with a clever killer who has read too many Agatha Christie novels to prove her innocence.


Through a Gold Eagle: A Glynis Tryon Mystery

As the 1850s come to a close, the local librarian helps defend the celebrated abolitionist, John Brown, against politically motivated charges of counterfeiting.


Dark of the Moon

A librarian and a police detective team up to investigate the murder of a politician's daughter.


The Hunt for Sonya Dufrette

Twenty years after a little girl disappears during the melee of Charles and Diana's royal wedding, an assistant librarian at the Military and Naval Club puzzles over the ongoing bizarre behavior of the child's family and their absent former nanny.


The Case of the Missing Books

When a new Emerald Isle bookmobile attendant discovers that the roving library's 15,000 books have disappeared, he cannot resign from his job until he finds them.