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Read-Alikes: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

The following novels contain the wit and magic that you enjoyed in Aimee Bender's novel, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.


Like Water for Chocolate

A young woman discovers that every dish she creates in the kitchen is infused with whatever she is feeling at the time. Anyone eating her cooking feels those same emotions. Not your usual superpower.


Rosewater and Soda Bread

Three Iranian sisters settle into life in a small Irish town and open a restaurant. They deal with the distrust of their Irish neighbors, romantic entanglements, and the mystery of the webbed-fingered woman, all while cooking some of the most sensuous food the locals have ever encountered.


Birds of America

Readers enamored with Aimee Bender's humor and skillful writing will adore Lorrie Moore's short stories. In Birds Of America, Moore presents alienated characters in a manner as hilarious as it is empathetic.


The Elephant Vanishes

In this selection of short stories, surrealism and magic pervade the nooks and crannies of everyday life: cause and effect switch places, a little green monster falls in love with a childless housewife, and an elephant does indeed vanish.


The Art of Disappearing

Mel Snow marries Toby Warring, a magician, shortly after meeting him and slowly comes to realize that his magic is not an act but an unusual power that he doesn't always control. While Toby becomes obsessed with using magic to correct past mistakes, Mel finds herself immersed in her own special abilities.


Jitterbug Perfume

Time travel. Humor. Romance. Magical realism. Beets. Follow master story-weaver Robbins as he carries his characters from an ancient Central European city-state to modern-day Seattle. A king, a perfume maker, and the mystical god Pan all have something at stake.