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Read-Alikes: Hell's Corner

David Baldacci's latest suspense-thriller, Hell's Corner, deals in assassins. Check out this list for even more titles saturated with assassinations.


The Faithful Spy

Fans of Baldacci's troubled hero, political intrigue and diesel-powered plots won't be able to put down this first suspenseful tale in the John Wells series. A CIA agent discovers a terrorist attack plan while deep undercover in an al-Quaeda cell. With the CIA doubting his loyalty and politics working against him, will he be able to single-handedly prevent disaster?


The Righteous Men

A fast-paced thriller in which a novice New York Times reporter sets out to link unrelated murders, and discovers a trail of clues entwined with ancient texts containing a prophecy that will save the world, or destroy it.


The Manchurian Candidate

This classic of political suspense can still hold its own today with scenarios that resonate with creepy familiarity and plot twists guaranteed to raise anyone's paranoia.


American Assassin

Set in the 1980s, this novel charts the early years of assassin Mitch Rapp, and his transformation into a CIA superagent after the death of his fiancee.


The President's Assassin

There's a $100 million bounty on the President's head and one professional killer with the needed inside knowledge of Washington DC intends to collect it. Former Army lawyer Sean Drummond now works for the Office of Special Projects for the CIA and he is called upon to track down the would be assassin before the 48 hour deadline is up.


Temple of Music

This work of literary fiction explores the assassination of President McKinley, and the anarchist behind the act.