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Read-Alike: Heaven Is for Real

Looking for proof of what comes after? These should help enlighten you.


Pocket Guide to the Afterlife: Heaven, Hell, and Other Ultimate Destinations
BL535.B69 2009

The ultimate tongue-in-cheek travel guide for preparing for the great beyond. Includes tips on what to expect upon arrival in your final destination, and what to pack.


A Travel Guide to Heaven
BT846.3.D47 2003

Using the Bible as his guide, the author relates a description of heaven as an accessible destination and an extraordinary experience.


The Ice Queen: A Novel

A novel inspired by fairy tales. One day when she was eight years old, the narrator wished to never see her mother again. That night her mother died in a car crash. As an adult, she lives with the tragedy of her wish coming true. She is solitary and stoic, a dedicated but icy librarian who fancies herself happy. After she is hit by lightening (really!), she reluctantly joins a lightning-strike-survivor support group. There she meets Lazarus, a man who died and came back to life, and a romance kindles between the ice queen and a man who breathes fire.


Closer to the Light: Learning from Children's Near-Death Experiences
BF1045.N4 M67 1990

Katie was rescued from drowning at the last minute. She was in a coma for three days. No one expected her to live, but she awoke telling a story about her journey and what she saw. This patient was Dr. Morse's starting point for investigating the near-death experiences of children. He believes that because children are not yet indoctrinated to the beliefs of adults, their experiences ring truer.


90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life
BT846.3.P56 2006x

In this bestselling classic of the near-death experience genre, a Baptist minister recounts his vision of the afterlife during the 90 minutes he was pronounced dead after a car wreck with a semitruck.

God Stories: Inspiring Encounters with the Divine
BL487.G63 2008x

A collection of true stories about everyday people encountering the divine in the most unlikely places, including the operating room, on the streets, and in war.