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Haunted Houses

Horror aficionados love haunted houses because they reveal the lurking fear within the safe and mundane. Submitted for your approval are ten of the best haunted house novels of all time.


The Amityville Horror
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The famous story of a family who learns their new dream home is occupied by a demonic presence. This one is especially scary because it's true.


The House of Lost Souls

In the 1920s Aleister Crowley's sinister magic brought forth an evil being in the Fischer House on England's Isle of Wight. Now it waits for visitors and haunts those who unwittingly stumble upon it. Sure to delight those who like a little history with their horror.


Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves

Layer upon layer of narrative guide you through the twists and turns of this cult classic of experimental fiction about a creepy house that defies the laws of physics.


The Haunting of Hill House

In this classic, a group of individuals are invited to the notorious Hill House to conduct a study of the supernatural, only to find that the house has plans of its own.


The Red Tree

A woman rents an old New England house as an escape to finish writing a novel, and discovers the history of an evil oak tree that haunts the property. The tree's mindbending influence on the protagonist leads to some terrifying scenes, especially in the house's cellar.


Audrey's Door

The 2009 Bram Stoker-award winning novel about a troubled woman who moves into an old apartment building in New York and begins to build a door. But to where?


Friday Night in Beast House

In an attempt to impress a girl, a young man dares to sleep in the infamous Beast House. He quickly learns that there are safer ways to impress a girl.


Hell House

Upon the request of a dying man, a physicist and two mediums travel to the Belasco House to prove life does not end at death. They learn instead that the Belasco House is locally referred to as Hell House, and that some things are better left alone.


No Doors, No Windows: A Novel

Following the stride of House of Leaves, Joe Schreiber builds a haunted house with strange dimensions and hidden rooms. But there's more to this page-turner, including shocking family secrets and a warlock's curse.


The Unseen

Yet another story of misadventures in a creepy haunted house. This time the naive intruders are university parapsychologists studying the Folger House, where long ago a parapsychology experiment went terribly wrong.