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Read-Alikes: Gone Girl

When a person disappears or is murdered, a family member is the most likely culprit . . .


Josie and Jack

Siblings Josie and Jack Raeburn have always depended on each other, living as they do in a secluded and decaying western Pennsylvania mansion with a mostly absentee and abusive father. The two escape from their home into the larger world outside - where it then becomes apparent to Josie that Jack may be even more dangerous than their father. Dark and twisted, this book reads something like Hansel and Gretel on drugs. (Tara, Music, Film & Audio, Main)


The 19th Wife

This thriller weaves together two tales of plural wives: one a divorcée of Brigham Young campaigning against polygamy in 1875, and the other a contemporary Mormon accused of murdering her husband. Recommended for readers who enjoy dual stories with a strong dose of historical fiction, à la Erik Larson. (Rita, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


Broken Harbor

In this psychological thriller, French's character Mick "Scorcher" Kennedy is back investigating a family tragedy - one that has left a husband and two children dead, and a mother in intensive care. The setting of the crime, Broken Harbor, dredges up secrets and memories from Scorcher's childhood and sends his sister into a tailspin. While the investigation of the crime at first seems like a simple task, it is actually littered with small variances and curiosities that prompt more questions than answers. (Molly, CLP LYNCS)


Catch Me

Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant, or "Charlie," knows she only has four days to live. Her two childhood best friends were murdered in their homes on the same date and time, at 8 pm on the 21st of January the previous two years. Charlie enlists the help of D.D. Warren, a sergeant detective for the Boston Police Department, to solve her upcoming murder. But Charlie has some secrets of her own, a past she has trouble remembering that has come back to haunt her. (Bonnie, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)



David's wife is dead. Maybe. And he doesn't know why. But he does know that strange clues can be found throughout the house that might shed some light on the mystery, if his sometimes fragile mind can find and comprehend them. A story of love and loss that pokes and prods at our psychic vulnerabilities, as well as tests the reader's ability to cope with visceral challenges, confusion and grief. (Molly, CLP LYNCS)



Sheila Tao has a boyfriend and a man on the side, Ethan. When her boyfriend proposes, she is not so easily rid of Ethan. Creep is a complex psychological novel, with twists and turns that will give readers goose bumps. (Holly, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


Mystic River

A compelling and menacing page-turner about a murdered child and a vigilante killer, featuring complicated friendships and the quest for vengeance. (Connie, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


In the Lake of the Woods

When rising political star and Vietnam veteran John Wade suffers a career-ending electoral defeat after the façade he has constructed since returning from the war collapses, he and his wife retreat to an isolated cabin in Minnesota's Northwest Angle. When Kathy disappears along with the one small boat the couple had, John's life unravels while he is under investigation as the prime suspect. (Emily, Brookline)


Mr. Peanut

During thirteen years of being married to Alice, David has fantasized about her dying in countless horrible ways. He did not, however, imagine she'd drop dead at the kitchen table. Or did he? The mystery of Alice's homicide - or was it suicide? - is, surprisingly, the least complex question you'll ask yourself in this brooding, literary novel about the dark, secret life of a passionate long-term relationship. (Leigh Anne, Reference Services, Main)


In the Still of the Night: The Strange Death of Ronda Reynolds
HV6534.C384 R85 2010

When a cop is found dead in the closet of her own home, suspicion is immediately cast on someone close to the victim. In the Still of the Night tells the story of Ronda Reynolds, the circumstances surrounding her death, the shoddy police investigation, and Reynolds' mother's unending quest for justice. (Molly, CLP LYNCS)


Too Late to Say Goodbye: A True Story of Murder and Betrayal
HV6533.G4 R86 2007

Like all of Ann Rule's true crime accounts, Too Late to Say Goodbye is nearly impossible to put down. The apparent suicide of Jenn Corbin leads to questions about the supposedly idyllic life she shared with her husband, Dr. Bart Corbin, and two sons. When it comes to light that another woman from Bart's life also died of an "apparent" suicide, police take a hard look at the man involved in both victims' lives. (Molly, CLP LYNCS)


Caribou Island

Gary and Irene are trying to salvage what's left of their marriage by building a home together on Alaska's Caribou Island. Without adequate knowledge, plans or a timeline, in good weather and Alaska's worst, Gary and Irene's relationship is pushed to the brink. (Molly, CLP LYNCS)