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Read-Alikes: Ghost Story

Engaging tales of the supernatural . . .



Private assassin Vlad Taltos, of the Dragaeran Empire, is on the run. He finds himself in the land of his mother's family, only his mother's family is mysteriously murdered soon after he arrives. The rest of the population doesn't seem too friendly. This series isn't written in chronological order, so you can jump in anywhere.


The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle

This graphic novel prequel to Butcher's first Dresden book includes elements of noir, horror, and fantasy. Harry Dresden, a professional wizard who works with Chicago police when crimes have a supernatural slant, must solve a gruesome mauling that suggests an ancient evil is using demonically possessed animals, and he is next on the victim list.


Touch the Dark

You would not believe the number of people who want Cassandra Palmer dead. She is running from the guardian who raised her after he killed her parents, the vampire senate, the mages, and the powerful vampire Rasputin. See if she can figure out why they are hunting her before she is killed.

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding

The editor brings together a number of well-known paranormal fiction writers in this volume, including Jim Butcher, who contributes a Harry Dresden tale.


The Color of Magic

Beginning the humorous and satiric Discworld series, The Colour of Magic opens with a tour given by the inept wizard Rincewind.



The second installment in the fantastical Cal Leandros adventure series finds Cal and his half-brother Niko taking on a new career. After saving New York City from the apocalypse, the brothers are hired as detectives for the Kin, an underground werewolf mafia - a group whose bite is much worse than their bark.


The Tomb

In the first book of the Repairman Jack series, we learn that Jack doesn't repair things, he repairs people's situations. This puts him directly in the line of danger, often from supernatural forces.