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Get Worldly Between the Covers

We have a great selection of translated contemporary and classic works by international authors for you to get cozy with. These are just a few . . .


Vertical Motion: Stories

Dreamy stories with talk of parallel worlds by the Chinese author that poet Eileen Myles says is regarded as "dirty and crazy" in her home country for "stirring the pot on its own terms".


The Tin Drum

This is a new translation published on the 50th anniversary of the classic novel by the Nobel Prize-winning German author. It is a stunning depiction of World War II history from the personal perspectives of Poles, Germans and Jews.


The Shadow of a Blue Cat

Part of the Japanese Literature Publishing Project, this novel depicts the struggle of the 51-year-old protagonist Yuki Yajiima to reconcile his longing for freedom with his (somewhat) bourgeois family life.


Italian Shoes

Sweden's author of the popular Kurt Wallander mysteries wrote this novel about a former surgeon's emotional struggles and journey back from trauma.


The Private Lives of Trees

The main character in young Spanish author Zambra's short novel is a father and writer who has been spinning his daughter a bedtime tale of his own creation for some time. His story becomes laden with anxiety and thoughts of the future one night while waiting for his wife to return home from her art class.


Women on a Journey: Between Baghdad and London

Five Iraqi women living in exile in London share their painful histories and longing for home with each other, and consequently become friends.