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Read-Alikes: Fly Away Home

If you enjoyed Jennifer Weiner's touching latest, Fly Away Home, then you might also like these books.


The Maytrees

Dillard's poetic novel shares themes with Fly Away Home: betrayal in marriage, women's relationships, self-fulfillment in women.


The Beach House

Eccentric widow, Nan, begins housing borders in her rambling old Nantucket beach house. Each person brings troubles and triumphs, including her son and an unexpected visitor set to turn everything upside-down.


The Senator's Wife

A young married couple learns lessons about fidelity, betrayal, and intimacy from their new neighbors, a former United States senator and his wife.


Rebel Yell

Hope Jones, wife of Abel Jones, tells the story of their life together and his transformation from son of extremely well-known Civil Rights activist to successful yet corrupt politician. A powerful, painful, sometimes funny story.


This is Where I Leave You

Fans of Jennifer Weiner's humorous approach to serious subjects will appreciate this novel about a family whose father's last wish was that they sit shiva—even though he was an atheist. Spending a week together is no easy feat for this family of adult children with numerous problems who contradict their mother's fame as a parenting expert.


In Her Shoes

The story of two sisters, the horrible event that drove them apart, and their painful/hilarious road to self-acceptance and acceptance of each other.


The Life and Loves of a She-Devil

A woman deals with the heartbreak of a cheating husband with inspired treachery.