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Fiction from Afar

Explore new lands with these critically acclaimed books from all over the world.


To the End of the Land

An Israeli mother refuses to sit at home and wait for news that her soldier son has fallen in combat. Instead, she escapes to Galilee with an old friend, who is also her former lover and the father of her son. A National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist, 2010.


Comedy in a Minor Key

During World War II, a Dutch couple give refuge to a German Jew. First published in 1947, now translated into English for the first time, it was a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist in 2010.


The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet

Its 1799 on the island of Dejima, Japan, and a Dutch clerk becomes embroiled in corruption. By the two-time Booker Prize finalist David Mitchell.


The Tiger's Wife

In the war-ravaged Balkans, a young doctor searches for answers about the recent death of her grandfather, while trying to make sense of stories he told her about the village of his youth.


The Museum of Innocence

An engaged-to-be-married Turkish man obsessively collects the remnants of his affair with a much younger woman who is not of his social standing.


Please Look After Mom

After her disappearance on a crowded train platform in Seoul, a woman's daughter, son and husband contemplate her life, her secrets and what she gave up for them.


Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

The widowed retiree Major Pettigrew finds solace from loneliness with the lovely Pakistani widow Mrs. Ali, a grocery store proprietress. Their fellow English villagers, including their families, do not approve of their friendship. Hilarious, moving, and charming.



In this complex allegory of South Africa, a paralyzed Afrikaner woman who is cared for by her long-time "coloured" maid, Agaat, reminisces about her abusive husband, her beloved only son, and her complicated bond with Agaat.