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Read-Alikes: Fantasy In Death

If you enjoyed J. D. Robb's Fantasy in Death series, then you might enjoy one of these books.



Intrigue, espionage, and international terrorist plots await Tess Bailey and her partner, the handsome and egotistical Jimmy, when they are deployed to Kazbekistan for an important undercover mission of global consequences.


Ten Second Staircase

An English procedural mystery with a good balance of humor and suspense. Follow along with two quirky detectives of the Peculiar Crimes Unit as they try to solve two serial killer cases, one cold and one current. The current day serial killer specializes in locked room murders of unpopular celebrities.



Father Thomas Madden listens as a psychopath confesses his plan to murder the Father's sister. A strong romance built on a suspense thriller plot, Heartbreaker is the first in a series.


The Surgeon

A serial killer, dubbed "The Surgeon" for his precise method of murdering his victims, appears to have returned from the dead, and is slowly moving in on the woman who thought she had killed him.


Pattern Recognition

If techie mysteries appeal to you, try this story of a powerful corporation's marketing researcher who investigates mysterious Internet videos called "the footage," leading her into a dark technological underworld and the mysterious disappearance of her father.


The Night of the Wolf

A homicidal snowman, murder behind locked doors, and a dream that comes true, complete with cleaver. Halter is the master of the locked room murder story, and these ten stories are gems.


All Night Long

Irene, a big time city journalist is lured back to her hometown to discover her childhood best friend is dead. When the death is ruled a suicide, Irene knows there's more to the story. With the help of an ex-Marine, murder, secrets, and scandal surface.