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Families in Fiction

These fiction titles celebrate the ups and downs of family life.


Henry's Sisters

Three independent sisters go home to Oregon following their mother's open heart surgery. Their mentally handicapped brother, their grandmother with dementia, and past childhood traumas all play a role in this family drama.


The Gifted Gabaldon Sisters

Four sisters are raised by their elderly Pueblo housekeeper who upon her death endows each girl with a special gift. As the sisters become women and these magical talents grow, they want to learn more about their mysterious housekeeper. Filled with Pueblo and Mexican-American traditions.


The Spellmans Strike Again

The spy family is back with the fourth and final book in the series. Izzy Spellman is about to take over the family's private investigation company, while her mother still sets her up on blind dates with lawyers.



A mother's mistrust for her son's girlfriend deepens the more the relationship develops, alienating her from both her son and her husband. The girlfriend, a Croatian refugee raised in New Orleans, has a troubled past, which is a stark contrast to the comfortable lifestyle of the Dale family.



This family saga spans 100 years and three generations of Texas families. The stubborn daughter of the town's cotton tycoon refuses to marry the son of a powerful timber magnate, while he insists she will marry him. They are eventually forced apart, and the consequences have lasting effects on both families.


The Three Weissmanns of Westport

Described as a contemporary adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, The Three Weissmanns of Westport is a modern day novel of manners. A 75-year-old woman finds herself living in a run-down beach cottage instead of her elegant New York apartment after her 78-year-old husband divorces her. Enter her two middle age daughters--one whose career is in trouble and the other who is drowning in debt. The women live together in Westport where the sisters find love, and all three Weissmann women adapt and thrive.


Red River

In part the story of Tademy's own family history, this historic novel is set in Colfax, Louisiana. An 1873 riot is the result of white supremacists trying to deny rights to newly freed slaves. After the massacre of more than 100 black men, families struggle to take a stand, eventually succeeding to get what is rightfully theirs, starting a school, owning land, and operating a business.


This is Where I Leave You

Following the death of the Foxman patriarch, family members gather, many of whom have not been together for years. They are compelled to honor their father's final request, that all four siblings live together in the house for one week. For the main character Judd, these days are filled with dsyfunctional families trials and tribulations (lead by their mother, a noted parenting expert), but they also offer a chance to make sense of the mess his own life has become. Thoroughly enjoyable and at times laugh-out-loud funny.