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Read-Alikes: Deception

If you can't get enough of fast-paced suspense series, such as Jonathan Kellerman's Alex Delaware novels, then give one of these books a try.


Beneath the Bleeding

Criminal psychologist Dr. Tony Hill tries to solve a series of gruesome murders involving soccer stars in Great Britain. Never quite sure of the depths of his own dark side, Hill teams with comely Deputy Chief Inspector Carol Jordan to find the perpetrator. The unraveling mystery and slowly blossoming romance between Hill and Jordan make this story doubly suspenseful.


The Godwulf Manuscript

Looking for another fast-paced mystery series? Hire Spenser.


The Art of Deception

Two cunning and experienced detectives working on separate murder cases cross paths in unexpected ways. The twisting plot and bleak urban setting of Seattle's underworld lead to a satisfying surprise ending.


No Witnesses

A police detective and a psychologist must collaborate to find a killer who leaves no clues in this action-packed game of cat and mouse.


Invisible Prey

In one of the best of the Prey series, an elderly woman's murder is intertwined with a politician's sex scandal. Sandford is a master of the police procedural genre and creates well developed and engaging characters. A page turner from beginning to end!



Psychologist and Vietnam vet Brian Hanson investigates the alleged suicide of a former female client. With assistance from another client's FBI agent daughter, Hanson uncovers political corruption in Portland, Oregon, America's safest small city, as well as vigilante police, blackmail, and murder.



The first in a series introduces Burke, a hard-boiled unlicensed private investigator and provider of a unique and very personal brand of justice.



Relapsing into his old ways of drinking and abusing prescription drugs during a supposedly relaxing vacation, detective Ray Lennox (introduced in Filth) is left to deal with a wedding-obsessed fiancee, and locals who reintroduce him to bad habits while leaving him in charge of a 10 year-old girl in need of protection.