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Read-Alike: Dead in the Family

If you've finished reading Charlaine Harris's latest Sookie Stackhouse novel and don't know what to read while you wait for the next one, then this list might help.


Dead Men's Boots

London-based ghost hunter and free-lance exorcist Felix Castor tries to solve a murder with a little help from a few of his recently departed colleagues, including the corpse himself.


Moon Called

This is the first in the Mercy Thompson series. A shapeshifter who can turn into a coyote at will, her neighbor is a werewolf and she's a mechanic for a vampire. But she can't keep her two worlds from colliding.


Witch Way to Murder: An Ophelia and Abby Mystery

A psychic librarian and her witch grandmother would rather not call on their powers, instead living quiet lives in a small town, have no choice but to act when a dead body is found. First in a series.

My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding edited by Elrod, P. N.

What happens when vampires, witches, werewolves and other unworldly creatures come together for the celebration of matrimony? Supernatural short stories are told by favorites of the genre, such as L.A. Banks, Jim Butcher, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Charlaine Harris.


Bite Me: A Love Story

Featuring witty dialogue, set in super-cool San Franscisco, a young man falls in love with a beautiful redhead vampire.


Happy Hour at Casa Dracula

A Latina Ivy League grad meets an oddly attractive man, is bitten, falls ill and recovers on his family's estate. Vampires don't exist these days, do they?