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Read-Alikes: Catch Me

Suspense, thrills, mystery, and impending doom wait in the pages of these novels.


My Very Own Murder

Anne Johnson is 50 and newly divorced. She spends her days sipping martinis, whiling away time in her luxury apartment, until a voice in her head tells her a murder will be committed in 30 days and she can prevent it. This is a cleverly written, fun mystery.


The Grift

A con artist since she was a child, Marina Marks discovers that she really might be psychic. But when she predicts a murder so accurately that she becomes the main suspect, Marina must figure out once and for all what the truth is.


Gone, Baby, Gone

At the heart of Lehane's novel is a consideration on the victimization of children. A four-year-old girl has disappeared over a year ago, and two private investigators are asked by a relative of the girl to solve the case. Reluctantly, they expose selfishness -- everyone is indicted -- antithetical to parenting. What is best for the child?


The Book of Murder

A woman seeks help when the people closest to her start having fatal accidents.


Nineteen Minutes

Superior court judge Alex Cormier finds herself at the center of an emotional whirlwind after a high school shooting involving her daughter. Picoult ratchets up the tension by using flashbacks and flash-forwards to bracket the harrowing nineteen minutes of the shooting itself.


The Lovely Bones

Teenaged victim, Susie Salmon, speaks from beyond the grave to tell her story of abduction, assault, and murder in a stirring psychological novel.


Beautiful Lies

Looking for a suspenseful page-turner? A literary thriller? Beautiful Lies is the first of two novels about Ridley Jones, a young New York City writer. In Beautiful Lies, she receives a mysterious package that sends her on a dangerous quest, forcing her to question everything she knows about herself, including who her family really is.