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Read-Alike: Casual Vacancy

All the meddling and muddle of life in the quiet English countryside is on display in these novels.


Lucky Jim

College professor Jim likes to stir things up. Unfortunately, this leaves him in a mess of trouble, both in his work and love life. (Melissa, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


Arlington Park

A day in the life of young mothers in a London suburb. Each one has feelings they are keeping buried, lives that leave a lot to be desired, worries that plague their days and dreams that have been left unfulfilled. (Melissa, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


The Red House

The author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, once again shows his skill at writing from all perspectives. In The Red House, he brings together a family for a long weekend in a vacation rental in wilds of Herefordshire. As the story unfolds, the reader learns of the troubling pasts, loves and regrets of the siblings Angela and Richard, and their spouses and children. It's a great read, if you enjoy looking into the minds of a dysfunctional family in the English countryside. (Nancy, Customer Services, Main)


A Spot of Bother

George Hall is a just-retired man about to face his daughter's undesirable wedding when he notices a lesion on his hip. He attempts to carry on normally, dealing with his family and all of the circumstances surrounding the union, while he is utterly unraveling inside. (Sheila, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


Main Street

When a cosmopolitan, progressive woman must move to a provincial dot on the map called Gopher Prairie, you can bet things aren't going to turn out happily ever after. Carol Kennicott, a doctor's wife, tries to enlighten her new neighbors, who prefer dishing gossip to discussing culture. Sarcasm and small-time feuds begin to dash Carol's dreams, while various interlocutors threaten her recent marriage. (Rita, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


The Nine Tailors

Lord Peter Wimsey's car breaks down near the small village of Fenchurch St. Paul and he pays back the favor of his rescue by participating in a marathon session of bell-ringing at the town's church. He also finds that there is more than one mystery to solve in the damp Fenlands. Apart from a 20 year old jewel theft, an unknown body has been found in a recently opened grave. Then an encoded letter in the largest bell in the church is found-- how can Wimsey resist trying to solve it? (Tessa, East Liberty)