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Cabin Fever

These novels about being trapped in a room or falsely imprisoned may suit your mood this month!


The New York Trilogy

Contains the Auster novels City of Glass, Ghosts, and The Locked Room.


A Family Sin : A Novel

Karim tries to straighten out his nephew and get his falsely-imprisoned brother out of jail.


Locked Rooms: A Mary Russell Novel

The locked rooms are in the dreams of Mary Russell, wife of that ultimate detective, Sherlock Holmes. When they return to Mary's hometown of San Francisco, clues to her past begin to surface.


Neighborhood Watch: A Novel

A suburban thriller about the false imprisonment of Betsy Treading (aka the Librarian Murderess).


Towns Without Rivers

After getting out of jail, Reka Speight discovers a much wider world than the depressing Southern rural town she comes from.


The Locked Room: The Story of a Crime

Inspector Martin Beck is called to help when a corpse is found shot through the heart, in a room locked from within and no gun in sight.