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Apocalist Booklypse

Humans are fascinated by end-of-the-world scenarios. Some revel in religious prophecies of doom. Some obsess over nuclear or military malfunctions, global warming, or natural disasters. The vain may fear endless days of bad hair. The free will dread imprisonment or oppression. And what about that ubiquitous fantasy of a zombie takeover? Here are a selection of literary imaginings. Find your favorite doom or discover something new to worry about.


World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

Considered one of the best books of this genre (zombie is apparently a genre now), the war between zombies and humans is so realistically presented that it may make a believer out of even you.


Alas, Babylon

After a nuclear attack on the U. S., the residents of a small Southern town are left to fend for themselves and take care of each other.


The Stand

This apocalyptic epic has characters galore, plots that connect and diverge, evil versus good, and an overview of the various ways that people react and cope with total devastation. But the most memorable descriptions of this landscape involve what people leave behind, especially the cars. Something to think about.


I am Legend

After a disease leaves many dead and others vampiric, a man finds himself alone in a crowd of the infected. As he works out ways to protect himself and rid the world of this plague, you will find yourself in a bizarre classroom taking mental notes. This is a test you aren't going to want to fail.


The Road

Fueled by hope, a man and his son navigate a desolated landscape where only the truly creepy, violent, and morally corrupt have survived.


A Canticle for Leibowitz

The annihilation may be nuclear but it is what happens when knowledge itself is eradicated that will horrify the habitues of the Information Age.


Forty Signs of Rain

In this first book of a trilogy, the arctic ice pack is melting and the very real threat of the Earth being inundated with water is being met with tepid response from the people who can do anything about it.



When a disease blinds everyone in a small town and their world is thrown into darkness, who do you feel sorry for -- the ones who are blinded to the filth and chaos around them or the one who can see it all?


On the Beach

When the crew of a submarine find themselves alone in the world after a nuclear holocaust, they do the only thing they can do: go home.



A cult with a vision. A cult leader with an agenda and a huge ego. And an end to everything.