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Short Films

A long list, for such short films - we have movies and documentaries, live action and animation, old and new, domestic and foreign!

75th Annual Academy Awards Short Films

A collection of nine short films nominated for the 75th annual Academy Awards, including the winning live action short and the winning animated short.

Bill Plympton's Dog Days - Short Films 2004-2008

A collection of hit films including the dog trilogy, and rare and seldom seen films.

By Brakhage: an Anthology

A collection of twenty-six films by American non-narrative filmmaker Stan Brakhage.

Disney Rarities: Celebrated Shorts, 1920s to 1960s

From Walt's earliest work in the 1920s to some of his most sophisticated shorts of the 1950s and '60s, he captured the imaginations of millions, plus two Academy Award wins - including Ferdinand The Bull, Best Short Subject 1938 - and eight nominations.

Electric Edwardians: the Films of Mitchell & Kenyon

Pioneer filmmakers Sagar Mitchell and James Kenyon were commissioned by touring showmen to shoot footage that would be shown in town halls, village fetes and local fairs. The footage was of local people going about their everyday activities in northern England. Includes footage of trolley cars and crowded streets, soccer matches, temperance parades, workers, school children, sports fans and seaside vacationers, providing a record of everyday life in the early years of the twentieth century.

The Five Obstructions

Lars von Trier enters the world of documentary filmmaking and challenges his idol J%uFFFD Leth to remake his 1967 short film The Perfect Human (Det perfekte menneske) five times, each time with a new obstruction.

The Films of James Broughton

Organizes 17 films by avant-garde American filmmaker James Broughton into three distinct eras to capture the breadth and evolution of his themes and subject matter.

Free Cinema

Influential in cinema history, the Free Cinema movement not only reinvented documentary in the 1950s but also spearheaded the British New Wave of social-realist feature films. This collection has brought together 11 films that represent the best of Free cinema.

The Harry Langdon Collection: Lost and Found

A collection of comedy shorts and features by comedian Harry Langdon.

Lumiere et compagnie = Lumiere & Company

To commemorate the Centennial of the Lumiere Brothers' first motion picture, leading international filmmakers created their own one minute LLumiere Film, using the restored original camera.

More Treasures from American Film Archives, 1894-1931

In addition to rare silent-era features, includes cartoons and animation, documentaries and newsreels, earliest American movies, pioneering sound and color experiments, serial episodes, trailers for lost films, advertisements, avant-garde shorts, ethnographic footage, films of ethnic communities, and other film types invented during the first four decades of the motion picture.

The Naoyuki Tsuji Animation Collection

A collection of five short films created by contemporary Japanese animator Naoyuki Tsuji.

Pixar Short Films Collection

Collection of animated short films.

Plymptoons: the Complete Early Works of Bill Plympton

Short animation efforts by Bill Plympton, ranging from black comedy shorts to advertisements for MTV, Trivial pursuit, and Nutrasweet.

Short Films by Werner Herzog

Three short documentaries from the 1970s by the director Werner Herzog. Die grosse Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Schneider is about Walter Steiner, a Swiss woodcarver and world class ski jumper. How much wood... is a visit to the annual world championship of livestock auctioneers in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. La Soufri%uFFFD is about the anticipated eruption of a volcano on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and the man who chooses to stay behind when everyone else evacuates.


Shorts! is a diverse group of award-winning short films showcased at film festivals all over the globe. Featuring some of the best shorts seen at the Sundance Film Festival, Aspen ShortsFest, Starz Denver International Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and more.

Six in Paris

Six directors release six vignettes set in different sections of Paris.

W.C. Fields: 6 Short Films

This compilation of films pays tribute to America's cantankerous comedy genius, W.C. Fields. Legendary one-liners and slapstick routines are preserved in these early shorts that chronicle the development of Fields' irascible screen persona.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Academy Awards Animation Collection: 15 winners, 26 nominees

A compilation of 41 cartoons which have won or been nominated for Academy Awards as Best Cartoon Short Subject or Best (Cartoon) Documentary Short Subject, featuring many familiar cartoon characters including the Looney Tunes gang, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, and Superman.

Wholphin. No. 1: DVD Magazine of Rare and Unseen Short Films

A collection of thirteen new and long-neglected, lesser-seen short films including Spike Jonze's never publicly screened portrait of Al Gore, made during the election campaign of 1999; an excerpt from David O. Russell's controversial film about U.S. soldiers in Iraq; Miguel Arteta and Miranda July's haiku-like Are you the favorite person of anybody?; a bewildered Selma Blair's eventful visit to the gynecologist; a Turkish sitcom resubtitled by several notable writers; some rare 1970s Iranian animation which was smuggled out of the country; a Dutch artist singing classic rock backwards; and a sudden and unexplained appearance by David Byrne.

The World According to Shorts

A collection of film shorts.