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Hapless Horror Film Families

The next time you're dreading a family reunion or trying to avoid dinner with your cousins, just remember - other families have problems, too. Aren't you glad these people won't be invited to your little brother's graduation party?

The Amityville Horror

You should research more than the school district before buying a new home.

The Astronaut's Wife

This is why you shouldn't fight with your spouse about who has to take out the garbage - what if he's an insane astronaut?

The Bad Seed

Most adorabe eight year-olds aren't out to kill you. There are exceptions, of course.


Carrie would like us all to be a little more understanding of teenagers and their problems.

The Exorcist

You should get at least a week off from school if you're possessed by the devil. But who will bring you your homework?

Eyes Without a Face

Here's a father who is a little too concerned about his daughter's appearance.

Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf

The title says it all, really.

Rosemary's Baby

Who pays for child support when the Devil gets your wife pregnant?

The Shining

Maybe it would have been better if they were a two income family.

The Stepfather

It's not always easy to accept your mother's new boyfriend, is it?

Silent Hill

Perhaps this is not the best way to deal with mental illness in children.


It's probably for the best that these twins don't have everything in common.