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Introduction to Art Resources

Art comes in all shapes and forms, from cave paintings to digital videos. Here is a list of art DVDs broken down by their subjects.


Art in Time

Art has been around as long as humans. This section of DVDs looks at art from different periods of history:
Arts and Myths
The history of the ancient world has been shaped by myths and tradition. This documentary examines examples of ancient art work and how these reflect the cultural history and modern society of their countries of origin.
How Art Made the World
Our ancient ancestors have come and gone long ago, but their influence remains in our art, culture, and architecture. How Art Made the World takes you on a trip around the world to examine ancient art and the impact it has in modern times.
The Rape of Europa
WWII saw some of the worst crimes against humanity in history. Not only did Hitler attempt to eradicate an entire people and culture, but he also tried to rewrite the history of Europe as a whole by stealing its art. In The Rape of Europa the filmmakers trace Hitler's plan and execution to highjack history though art and how Europe took it back.
Rural Studio
Art and Architecture often serve a purpose beyond aesthetics, but for the Rural Studio they are attempting to test the limits of what art can do. This group of architects sets out to revitalize a forgotten rural community by creating some of the most progressive architectural and environmental landscapes to date.
Style Wars
Originally broadcast on PBS in 1983, Style Wars exposes an underground culture of street artists and performers. Director Tony Silver looks at the art and language behind graffiti and its roots in hip hop music and the urban environment. Style Wars is a blend of journalism, history, biography, and demonstration of what is still a controversial art form.

Famous Artists

Many artists have gained fame throughout history. Here are a few who have come to define their movement, and in some cases, their culture.
Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Rides
Using only what nature provide, artist Andrew Goldsworthy truly original pieces of art. Goldsworthy travels the world over to find unique locations and situations that offer him a palette to work from. This critically acclaimed documentary follows Goldsworthy through his past and current works.
Frida Kahlo: The Ribbon that Ties the Bomb
Frida Kahlo was an iconic female, Mexican artist. Her artwork is known the world over and has come to help define a culture. This film paints an intimate portrait of Kahlo and her artwork that was born of her life and times.
Magritte: An Attempt at the Impossible
Rene Magritte is best known for his joining of recognizable, everyday objects in a manner that creates a dreamlike landscape. Apples and business suits abound, Magritte has come to occupy his own niche of surrealist painting. This documentary examines his life's work from his first exhibit in 1927 until the time of his death in 1967.
Picasso: Magic, Sex, & Death
Pablo Picasso is recognized worldwide for his surrealistic paintings and bohemian lifestyle. This film takes a look at the life of one of the most famous artists through the eyes of one of his personal friends. Adding context to Picasso's overt madness, Richardson helps paint a different picture of man who has been classically misunderstood.
Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol
Living more like a movie star than an artist, Andy Warhol is a lasting icon for the Pop Art movement. This film follows him from his roots in Pittsburgh to his larger-than-life presence in his "factory" in New York.


Art isn't reserved for those who have a villa in Spain or a loft in Manhattan. These instructional DVDs can help you find your inner artist.
Art Smart: Figure Drawing
Drawing the human form can prove to be the most integral, yet challenging skill to master for an artist. This instructional film will teach you how to create your own drawings of the human figure using charcoal and pastels. It also teaching important techniques such as using positive/negative space, proportion, and depicting mood.
How to Toon: The Art of Visual Storytelling
Cartoons and comics have long been a favorite form of art and literature for many people. Acclaimed cartoonist Joe Wos helps viewers to create their own comic strips. He gives step-by-step instruction on how to imagine the characters, create a story, and draw the finished cartoon strip.
Sculpture and the Creative Process
There is more to creating sculpture than simply molding clay or chiseling away at stone. Sculptor Dale Lamphere describes the entire process from thumbnail sketches to finished sculptor. This film also gives an intimate look into the studio and facilities of a profession sculptor.
Self Portraits
Artist and instructor Peggy Flores demonstrates how to create self-portraits. She explains the step-by-step process of creating a self portrait, from capturing your own image to work from to coloring the finished product with a range of media forms. Flores helps the viewer realize that creating a self-portrait is within reach.
Watercolor Methods
This instructional DVD provides a basic introduction to painting with watercolors. Instructor Stephen Quiller discusses and demonstrates the use of different techniques and materials.

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