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Alfred Hitchcock

Useless trivia: Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart each appear in four of the movies listed below. Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly each star in three. Sean Connery only appears in Marnie, but he has all of those James Bond movies to make up for it.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Season One
All 39 episodes of the first season on three DVDs. Includes interviews with Pat Hitchcock, Norman Lloyd, and Hilton Green.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Season Two
All 39 second-season episodes of horror, mystery and intrigue on five DVDs, presented by Alfred Hitchcock. Guest stars include Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Rip Torn, and Vic Morrow.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Season Three
All 39 episodes of madness, murder, intrigue and suspense from the award-winning show's third season, on five DVDs. Guest stars include William Shatner, Jessica Tandy, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Fay Wray.
The 39 Steps
Follows the excapades of Richard Hanney, a man who stumbles into a conspiracy that involves him in a hectic chase across the Scottish moors.
The Birds
A small California town is attacked by thousands of birds. Based on a story by Daphne Du Maurier.
Dial M for Murder
A man devises a plan to murder his wife for her money.
Family Plot
When a wealthy woman unknowingly hires a con man and a phony psychic to find her missing heir, the results are wickedly funny in this tongue-in-cheek mystery thriller.
Foreign Correspondent
A reporter sent to Europe to cover a peace conference falls in love with a diplomat's daughter, but discovers that her father is the head of a Nazi spy ring.
In modern-day London, a criminal known as the Necktie Murderer has the police on alert, but the trail is leading to an innocent man, who must now elude the law and prove his innocence by finding the real murderer.
Jamaica Inn
The brooding story of a nobleman who leads a cutthroat, ship-looting band of men. Based on the novel by Daphne Du Maurier.
The Lady Vanishes
A young woman on a train, enroute back to England from Switzerland, meets a charming older lady who promptly disappears. The other passengers deny ever having seen her, leading the young woman into a complex web of mystery and high adventure.
After their ship is sunk in the Atlantic by Germans, eight people are stranded in a lifeboat. Amongst the survivors is a glamorous journalist, a tough seaman, a nurse and an injured sailor. Their problems are complicated further when they pick up a ninth passenger - the Nazi captain from the U-boat that torpedoed them.
The Man Who Knew Too Much
Story of an Englishman touring Morocco with his wife and child who accidentally becomes involved in an anarchist plot to assassinate a foreign diplomat in London.
Marnie, a compulsive thief and liar is caught. Her captor impulsively marries the frigid, disturbed girl in an attempt to discover the reasons for her ongoing anti-social behavior. Based on the novel by Winston Graham.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
A bickering couple discover their marriage isn't legal, and go through the courtship process again.
North By Northwest
An ad executive is mistaken for a spy by foreign agents.
A beautiful woman with a tainted past is enlisted by American agent Devlin to spy on a ring of Nazis in post-war Rio. Her espionage work becomes life-threatening after she marries the most debonair of the Nazi ring, Alex. Only Devlin can rescue her, but to do so he must face his role in her desperate situation and acknowledge that he has loved her all along.
Horror melodrama in which a woman disappears after spending the night in an isolated motel which adjoins an eerie Victorian mansion, inhabited by a disturbed young man and his mother.
Rear Window
As a photographer with a broken leg, Stewart takes up the fine art of spying on his Greenwich Village neighbors during a summer heat wave. Things really begin to get hot when he suspects a salesman may have murdered his nagging wife and buried the body in a flower garden.
Two friends strangle a classmate and invite his family and mutual friends to dinner--with the body stuffed inside the trunk for a buffet table. Inspired by the Leopold-Loeb murder.
Wartime thriller about a Los Angeles aircraft factory worker who witnesses his plant's firebombing by a Nazi agent, and is framed for that act himself.
Shadow of a Doubt
A beguiling murderer charms his unsuspecting family, but soon his niece and namesake begins to suspect her uncle is hiding a terrible secret.
Dr. Constance Petersen is a psychiatrist with a firm understanding of human nature - or so she thinks. That is until the mysterious Dr. Anthony Edwardes becomes the new chief of staff at the Green Manors Mental Asylum. Constance plummets into a whirlwind of tangled identities and feverish psychoanalysis, where the greatest risk is to fall in love.
Stage Fright
A woman disguises herself as a maid in order to clear her friend who's been accused of murdering his mistress's husband. Based on a novel by Selwyn Jepson.
Strangers on a Train
Tennis star Guy Haines, anxious to be rid of his unfaithful wife, enters into a partnership with Bruno Antony, a disturbed man determined to arrange the death of his father. From the novel by Patricia Highsmith.
Joan Fontaine is the bride, a gently-reared heiress who fears she has married a murderer. Cary Grant is the husband, a dashing ne'er-do-well with a penchant for the high life--and a bank account that's strictly low-life.
To Catch a Thief
John Robie, a reformed jewel thief suspected of a new rash of gem thefts in the luxury hotels of the French Riviera, must set out to clear himself. Meeting pampered heiress Frances, he sees a chance to bait the mysterious thief with her mother's fabulous jewels.
American CIA agent learns of Cuban missiles and a NATO spy by the code name of TOPAZ from a defecting Russian.
Torn Curtain
Scientist Michael Armstrong becomes involved in an action thriller when he attends a congress in Copenhagen.
The Trouble With Harry
Harry's corpse is found in the autumnal New England woods. While no one mourns his death, several people feel responsible for it. The body is unearthed several times, humorous situations occur, and love affairs develop before the real cause of Harry's death is revealed.
Under Capricorn
In Australia in l830, an English immigrant stays with his cousin Heneritta and her cruel husband, setting a triangle to explode and reveal a strange crime. From a novel by Helen Simpson.
In San Francisco, an acrophobic detective is hired to trail a friend's suicidal wife. After he successfully rescues her from a leap into the bay, he finds himself becoming obsessed with this beautiful, troubled woman.
The Wrong Man
The first Hitchcock film based on a true story. A nightclub musician is falsely accused of a robbery, an accusation that ruins his life.