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Public Speaking and Famous Speeches

Public Speaking

DVD Resources

Making the Speech

Presented in a modern, "reality"-inspired style, this program explains the nesessary steps to giving a successful public speech. Special features: on-screen and printable quizzes; printable notes; teacher's guide; famous speeches.

Persuasive Speaking Made Easy

Presents information on the following elements of persuasive speaking: what is a persuasive speech, basic components, delivery and technique, sections of a persuasive speech and overcoming audience resistance.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Provides video instruction in public speaking, including communication apprehension, supporting materials, factual materials, illustrations, anecdotes, organization, Monroe's motivated sequence, delivery, and more.

Public Speaking Made Easy

The program covers presentation structure, parts of a speech, and tips for better speech delivery.


CD Resources

Roger Love's Vocal Power

Roger Love's Vocal Power

Instructions on how to overcome a fear of public speaking and learn to speak effectively.

Speaking Effective English

Speaking Effective English

Three voice coaches offer tips on how to speak clear, powerful and effective English.

Voice of a Leader

Voice of a Leader

Teaches the skills necessary to maximize the power of your voice to become a more authentic and powerful communicator.


Famous Speeches

DVD Resources

Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

This documentary juxtaposes newsreel footage, film clips and period music in an eye-opening look at the Great Depression. Also includes political speeches by Franklin D. Roosevelt and others.

The Greatest Speeches of all Time

The Greatest Speeches of  All Time, Volume 1

Fifteen of the best speeches from world leaders.

The Greatest Speeches of All Time

The Greatest Speeches of All Time, Volume 2

Fourteen of the most important and well-known political speeches of modern times.

Ronald Regan

Ronald Reagan

Known as 'The Great Communicator,' Reagan used his skills as a public speaker to soothe Americans after the Challenger disaster, speak on the Iran-Contra hearings, and help to win the Cold War.

The Speeches Collection

The Speeches Collection, Volume 1

A two-disc set containing the important and famous speeches of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan.


VHS Resources

The Speeches of Famoous Women

The Speeches of Famous Women

Features speeches by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, Betty Friedan, Carol Moseley-Braun, and Barbara Boxer.

The Speeches of Martin Luther King

This collection of Martin Luther King, Jr. speeches follows his early days as a young pastor in Montgomery, to the great march on Washington. It also includes the final prophetic speech in Memphis, just days before his assassination.

The Speeches of Nelson Mandela

Uses archival footage to present a selection of the most well-known speeches given by South African political activist Nelson Mandela.

The Speeches of Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy was one of the most moving and effective speakers of our time. Here are his speeches at Columbia University, to the Democratic convention in 1964, his proposals on Vietnam policies, and his heart-rending eulogy at the funeral of his brother John.


CD Resources

Every Tone a Testimony: an African American Aural History

Great Speeches in History

Great Speeches in History

These CDs feature some of history's most significant figures with their most important speeches.

Great Speeches of the 20th Century, Volume 2

A selection of important and well-know speeches from the twentieth century. Speeches recorded between December 8, 1941 and January 16, 1991.

Great Speeches of the 20th Century, Volume 3

This collection represents some of the most well-known speeches of the 20th century. Speeches recorded between February 1931 and July 8, 1987.

A Patriot's Handbook

A Patriot's Handbook: Poems, Stories, and Speeches Celebrating the Land We Love

Voices of Black America

Voices of Black America: Historical Recordings of Poetry, Humor & Drama

These original recordings feature Booker T. Washington, Rev. J. A. Myers , Edward Sterling Wright, James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, Charley Case, Bert Williams, Charles S. Gilpin, J. Rosamond Johnson, and Paul Robeson.



The Greatest Speeches of All Time, Volumes 1 & 2

Memorable speeches from the 20th century as originally recorded, edited to include the most famous segments.

Major Presidential Speeches

Features speeches from presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton, with bonus material including speeches from Winston Churchill.