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Movie & Film Collections

Many of these themed movie lists have been pulled together for our monthly featured collections.

Film Lists Alphabetically

Alfred Hitchcock
The master of suspense.
Alternate Realities
Travel to another time and place with these surreal and mindbending alternate reality films.
Anime Movies in Film & Audio
Check out this extensive A to Z list!
Anime TV Series
This is a fairly complete list of the Main library's anime TV series collection. If a title appears on this list, we will have at least three or four DVDs from that series. Any title marked with an asterisk (*) is a complete series box set!
Art Resources, Introduction
Art comes in all shapes and forms, from cave paintings to digital videos. Here is a list of art DVDs broken down by their subjects.

Banned Films

A short list of films challenged, seized, protested, banned or censored in the United States.
Baseball Movies
Some of the best movies are about baseball. How many of these classics have you seen?
Civil Rights in America
The Film & Audio Department contains a wide variety of materials relating to the Civil Rights movement in America, including the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr., biographies of famous activists, and documentaries about the people, places, and events that shaped our country.
Chinese Films
The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has a wonderful collection of foreign films. These are just a few of the movies from China that we offer.
Christmas Movies
Get in the holiday spirit with one of these Christmas-themed movies. Whether you prefer heart-warming classics or raucous comedies, we've got you covered.
Civil Rights in America
The Film & Audio Department contains a wide variety of materials relating to the Civil Rights movement in America, including the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr., biographies of famous activists and documentaries about the people, place and events that shaped our country.
Classic Horror & Monster Films
Here's an opportunity to catch up on all those old classic films, the ones you know about but may never have actually seen, like Frankenstein and Dracula.
Classic Movie Mysteries
Borrow a video of the Maltese Falcon, Anatomy of a Murder, The Thin Man, or the Big Sleep. Check out more here...
Classic Romance Films
Feeling a little sappy?
Dig out the chocolates and tissues and settle in with one of these classic romance films.
Cool Moves: Dance Instruction DVDs
Whether it's tango, belly dance, ballet, tap, hip hop or just about any other dance step you can think of, the dance instruction DVDs in the Music, Film and Audio section of the Main Library provide a huge variety of possibilities for the beginner or the more advanced student. These titles are a small sample of what is on the shelves. So, grab some and put on your dancing shoes!
Dance Movies
"Two upcoming movie releases, the DVD release of Dance Flick (Oct. 6) and the theatrical release of an updated Fame (Sept. 25), got me thinking about my favorite dance movies."
Don't Go In There!
Check out these compelling films about haunted houses and possessed places.
Dysfunctional Family Comedies
Before you visit your loved ones this holiday season, take a moment to ponder how lucky you are that you don't belong to the families in these films.
ESL Resources in Film & Audio
Are you learning to speak English? We have CDs and DVDs that can help!
Farming and Food
Can the American family farm survive? Will it be run by women? Or will Monsanto and agribusiness alone determine what farmers grow and what Americans eat?
Fitness DVDs and Videos
Do you need some inspiration or something different to get into shape? These DVDs and videos offer everything from walking to pilates to belly-dancing.
Gardening Videos
Whether you want to start a vegetable garden or just grow flowers, we have a video for you.
George Romero Films
When you think of George Romero, you think of zombies...but not all Romero films have zombies! Don't miss out on the evil monkeys, mysterious cats, vampires, and motorcycle gangs.
Global Warming
Is it getting hot in here, or is it just us?
Check out a few DVDs on global warming, and decide for yourself.
Gross Movies
Invite your friends over for the greasiest, messiest pizza possible and then see if they can keep it down while you enjoy this sampling of truly disgusting films from our collection.
Hapless Horror Film Families
The next time you're dreading a family reunion or trying to avoid dinner with your cousins, just remember - other families have problems, too. Aren't you glad these people won't be invited to your little brother's graduation party?
Heartwarming Classic Films
Cold winter nights won't seem so bitter if you curl up with one of these heartwarming classics.
Holiday How To Videos
Find inspiration for your Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Thanksgiving holiday celebrations with one of these DVDs featuring cooking, decorating, scrapbooking, gift wrapping ideas and more.
How Will It End?
What would a post-apocalyptic world look like? Check out one of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic movie titles to find out.
Italian Language Films
Italian Language Films from A to Z!
Pittsburgh Documentaries by Rick Sebak
Does anyone love Pittsburgh more than Rick Sebak? Or rather, does anyone else with access to WQED's facilites and equipment love Pittsburgh more than Rick Sebak? Probably not. For a complete list of WQED documentaries about our city, be sure to check out the Pittsburgh History Series.
Public Speaking and Famous Speeches
Learn how to speak well in public or learn from master speechmakers.
Religious and Inspirational DVDs
These DVDs allow you to learn about a variety of religions and philosphies from the comfort of your couch.
Road Trip Terror
Check these films if you are looking for a thrill ride!
Romance on DVDs
Check out new feature love films like Becoming Jane and Love in the Time of Cholera.
Science Fiction: Films of the Future
Welcome to the future! If you believe what Hollywood tells us, we're either headed for a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland or a shiny plastic world where everyone wears the same color. Which would you prefer?
Sherlock Holmes
The master sleuth created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Short Films
A long list, for such short films - we have movies and documentaries, live action and animation, old and new, domestic and foreign!
Steelers Videos
Relive the glory days of the Steelers at the Super Bowl.
Stephen King
Isn't it amazing how Stephen King's 50 page short stories and 800 page novels (and everything in between) all turn into movies that are about the same length?
Women's History
Check out these documentaries on adventurous women of the past, including Pittsurgh's Nellie Bly.
Yoga on DVD
Feeling stiff and sore, achy and awful? Are you cramped, compressed, and complaining? Loosen up, stretch out, and grumble less with the help of our collection of instructional yoga DVDs.