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Zines at Work

Find these zines about various occupations in the Zine Collection on the First Floor of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main. Browse Zines at LibraryThing

Craig, Joel
Welcome to Nursing Hell
Craig's drawings are wonderful and his tales of life as a nurse are hilarious and shocking.
Gendell, Megan
Full Tilt #2: Dancing Away from Home
Gendell went away as a teenager to an intense boarding school for ballerinas. She eventually chucked ballet for the trapeze.
Moss, Daniel
Czech One Two
Daniel describes good and tough times working on an organic farm in Virginia.
Abolish Restaurants: A Worker's Critique of the Food Service Industry
Bold graphics accompany a Marxist examination of the food service industry.
Roche, Dave
On Subbing: The First Four Years
This is an anthology chronicling Dave Roche's first four years as a substitute aide in special education classes, in journal format.
Royal, Sarah
The Book Bindery
This is a very detailed look at everyday life working in a book bindery.

Updated: 5/10/2011