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Zine-Related Books in Our Collection

Bartel, Julie
From A to Zine: Building a Winning Zine Collection in Your Library
r Z692.S5 B367 2004
Julie Bartel, who developed the Salt Lake City Public Library's major zine collection, designed this book to explain zine culture to librarians, but it also includes several helpful appendices to guide zine makers as well, on subjects like distribution, reviews, zine fairs and starting a zine.
Block, Francesca Lia and Hillary Carlip
Zine Scene
q PN4836.B56 1998x
This inspirational volume with lots of examples emphasizes the individuality and self-expression of zines and offers helpful information about creation, copyright and distribution.
Friedman, R. Seth
The Factsheet Five Zine Reader: The Best Writing from the Underground World of Zines
q PS536.2.F33 1997
Friedman, a zinester himself, anthologizes excerpts from over 70 zines and includes interviews with their authors.
Gore, Ariel, Ed.
The Essential Hip Mama: Writing from the Cutting Edge of Parenting
HQ759.E868 2004
Hip Mama has been called the "alternative parenting bible," and this volume collects the best from over ten years of writing.
Gunderloy, Mike and Cari Goldberg Janice
The World of Zines: A Guide to the Independent Magazine Revolution q Z6944.L5 G86 1992
Gunderloy and Janice, former editors of Factsheet Five, a zine about zines, annotate some 400 zines.
Harris, Anita, Ed.
Next Wave Cultures: Feminism, Subcultures, Activism
HQ798.N49 2008
With a chapter entitled, "Connecting the dots, riot grrrls, ladyfests, and the international grrrl zine network."
Jordan, Pete
Dishwasher: One Man's Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States
TX910.5.J673 A3 2007x
Over 12 years, Dishwasher Pete washed dishes in all 50 states, developing an appreciation for the job and the travelling lifestyle it allowed him. This lighthearted, witty memoir is based on Jordan's zine Dishwasher.
Labaton, Vivien and Dawn Lundy Martin, Eds.
The Fire This Time: Young Feminists and the New Activism
HQ1111.F47 2004
With a chapter entitled "Cut-and-Paste Revolution: Notes from the Girl Zine Explosion."
Marcus, Sara
Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riotgrrrl Movement
ML82.M27 2010x
Marcus, former riotgrrrl herself, gives an in-depth overview of the 90's feminist movement that grew out of punk culture.
Niedzviecki, Hal
The Big Book of Pop Culture: A How-To Guide for Young Artists
NX163.N53 2007x
Learn how to use the tools of modern media including music, zines, movies, comics, videos, books, websites, blogs, or video games.
Piepmeier, Alison
Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism
PN4836.P54 2009
Piepmeier discusses the significance of print materials through different time periods in feminist history, and focuses on zines' impact on contemporary feminism.
Prinz, Yvonne
The Vinyl Princess
Allie, a sixteen-year-old who is obsessed with LPs, works at a used record store and deals with crushes—both her own and her mother's—on her increasingly popular blog and zine.
Robbins, Trina
From Girls to Grrrlz: A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines
PN6725.R58 1999
Trina Robbins, who helped create the underground comics medium, traces the history of women's comics from their 1940s-era mainstream popularity through alternative comics, from Girls' to Women's to Womyn's to Grrrlz' comics.
Rominger, Lynne
Extraordinary Blogs and Ezines
TK5105.8884.R66 2006
Zines go electric in this guide to creating e-zines and blogs.
Todd, Mark and Esther Pearl Watson
with contributions by more than 20 creators of indie comics and magazines
Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine?: The Art of Making Zines and Minicomics
Z286.Z54 T63 2006
A whole gang of zine and comics making veterans collaborated on this comprehensive guide to nearly every aspect of zinemaking.
Wertham, Fredric
The World of Fanzines: A Special Form of Communication
PN4836 .W4
Wertham writes about science fiction, fantasy and comic readers' fanzines as a non-violent form of uncensored expression that is both a product of our society as well as a reaction to it.