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Yoga Books: To Your Health!

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has a large and interesting collection of books on yoga. Check them out!

Fishman, Loren M
Yoga for Arthritis: The Complete Guide
RC933.F543 2008
Exercise is the best medicine for arthritis—specifically low-impact exercises that increase flexibility, like yoga. This guide shows joint-by-joint how to make arthritis more manageable.
Jamieson, Theresa
The Complete Book of Yoga and Meditation for Pregnancy
q RG558.7.J36 2000x
Six half-hour prenatal exercise programs are included, along with dietary suggestions to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.
Kollak, Ingrid
Yoga and Breast Cancer: A Journey to Health and Healing
RC280.B8 K65 2011
This well-researched book is a practical guide that demonstrates how to use yoga to help make it through this disease.
Krucoff, Carol
Healing Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain: Easy, Effective Practices for Releasing Tension and Relieving Pain
RM727.Y64 K78 2010
This book offers simple methods that any beginner can use for immediate release of the neck and shoulder tension that accumulates from everyday activities like using a computer, driving, and even reading.
McCall, Timothy B.
Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health & Healing: A Yoga Journal Book
RM727.Y64 M43 2007
Well-respected yoga instructors describe their approaches to health conditions including panic attacks, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, infertility, cancer and more.
Mohan, A. G.
Yoga Therapy: A Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Yoga and Ayurveda for Health and Fitness
q RA781.7.M643 2004
A. G. and Indra Mohan prescribe postures, breathing techniques, and basic Ayurvedic principles for a variety of common health problems, including asthma, back pain, constipation, hip pain, knee pain, menstrual problems, and scoliosis.
Sell, Christina
Yoga from the Inside Out: Making Peace with Your Body Through Yoga
RA781.7.S4346 2003
This book is about making peace with ourselves, using Yoga as a journey from self-hatred into self-acceptance leading to spiritual practice.
Weller, Stella
Yoga Beats Asthma: Simple Exercises and Breathing Techniques to Relieve Asthma and Other Respiratory Disorders
RC591.W45 2003x
Qualified nurse and yoga teacher Weller shows how yoga can help asthma sufferers move away from reliance on powerful drugs for treatment.

Updated: 04/04/2011