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When You Call me That, Smile!

Relive the wild, wild West by re-reading these classic Westerns.

Brand, Max
The Gauntlet: A Western Trio
Three classic westerns honoring straight shooters and the women who love them are gathered here in one volume. The good guys always win.
Grey, Zane
The Thundering Herd
Tom Doan seeks adventure as a buffalo skinner and becomes a witness to the greed that caused the destruction of the massive herds of American bison. Comanches , Kiowas, and unscrupulous fortune hunters add to the drama.
Guthrie, A. B.
The Big Sky
Mountain man and loner Boone Caudill treks through the uncharted wilderness of the American West.
Johnson, Dorothy M.
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: And, A Man Called Horse; Lost Sister; The Hanging Tree
The familiar film versions of these stories stray a bit from her original stories which are brutal, uncompromising portraits of the men and women who populated the American West in the 19th century.
L'Amour, Louis
High Lonesome
The Sand Tank Mountains of Arizona provide the setting for another wild ride, courtesy of Louis L'Amour.
McMurtry, Larry
Lonesome Dove
Horse thieves, hard-hearted women, and an unforgettable Native American warrior struggling through his own last adventure fill these pages with action, thrilling escapades, and more than a few tears.
Richter, Conrad
The Sea of Grass
This story of cattlemen versus farmers ("nesters") is also a story of love lost and found in the American West.
Stegner, Wallace
Angle of Repose
Winner of the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, the story follows the travels of frontier mining family of Lyman Ward as they travel through the West.
Wister, Owen
The Virginian
Written in 1902 and dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt, one of Wister's great friends, the nameless hero of the story has become the standard for all the strong, silent types who have come after him.

Updated: June 4, 2009