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Stories of Venice

Experience the magical city of Venice... its atmosphere of mystery and exotic romance, picturesque canals, famous art and architecture, and intricately interwoven past and present... in these selected new and classic titles.

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Alison, Jane
The Marriage of the Sea
Alison, author of The Love-Artist, writes a novel about the intertwined lives of characters who live in and travel to and from Venice and New Orleans. This lovely, emotionally-charged story of love, ambition, hope, and desperation is richly infused with the atmosphere and culture of the two watery, decaying cities.
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Berendt, John
The City of Falling Angels
DG674.2.B47 2005
The author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil turns his talent to exploring the colorful and intriguing city of Venice. The book revolves around the burning of the famous Fenice opera house and the subsequent trial. Berendt brings to life long-time Venetians as well as his community of fellow expatriates.
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Campbell, David
Venetian Holiday
Cat burglar Kate Fujimori skirts Venetian rooftops, planning to steal a famous copy of the Mona Lisa. By the end of the story she is being chased by rival thieves, the police, an assassin - and a romantic Venetian detective who has other things on his mind. This is a fast-moving and action-filled crime caper.
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Di Robilant, Andrea
A Venetian Affair
DG678.4.D5 2003
In the attic of his palazzo in Venice, the author's father unearths love letters written by his ancestor to his half-English, lower class illicit lover. A Venetian Affair is the resulting story of passion and intrigue that brings to life the city of Venice as it was 250 years ago.
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Jakeman, Jane
In the City of Dark Waters
Jakeman's second mystery novel to feature Claude Monet follows the artist to Venice, where the artist wants to paint in the Venetian light as well as escape from scandal involving his wife in Paris. This leads to a story of intrigue, murder, corruption, and incest in the brilliantly evoked setting of Venice of the early 1900s.
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Kanon, Joseph
This is a historical thriller set in Venice following the Second World War. The protagonist comes to forget his war experiences in a city where things seem unchanged, only to find that Venice, too, has been deeply scarred by the war and its aftereffects. Kanon (Los Alamos, The Good German) creates an atmospheric setting and poses moral questions about the boundaries of guilt and when murder might be justified.
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Langton, Jane
The Thief of Venice
In this installment of Langton's original and delightful mystery series, Homer Kelly returns to Italy (after The Dante Game) and this time visits Venice, where academic intrigue leads to a tangled web of deceit and murder. Langton's enchanting drawings and her uniquely descriptive prose are put to exquisite use in capturing her colorful characters and this lovely and picturesque city.
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Leon, Donna
Blood from a Stone
Leon is an American expatriate who has long lived and worked in Venice. Her novels featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti and his family and colleagues combine the best of travel writing (vivid portrayals of life in modern Venice) with likable characters who continue to evolve. In Blood from a Stone Leon addresses the issue of illegal immigrants and explores Venice's underworld.
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Mann, Thomas
Death in Venice and Other Tales
In this classic, an older gentleman comes to Venice and falls deeply for a beautiful, youthful boy. This is an intense and memorable story about beauty and decay, set in a city that personifies both these attributes. The book also contains seven of Mann's short stories.
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Quinn, Thomas
The Lion of St. Mark
This is the first installment of a new series set in Renaissance Venice at the time of its invasion by the Ottoman Turks. Quinn tells a well-researched historical tale of intrigue, personal and political, set around a multigenerational quarrel between two clans.
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Rylands, Jane Turner
Across the Bridge of Sighs: More Venetian Stories
This collection of twelve stories brings this magical city to life. Rylands captures the conflict between progress and tradition that dominates Venetian life today. Readers will welcome the return of some familiar faces from Venetian Stories (2003) as well as the debut of new characters.
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Sklepowich, Edward
The Last Gondola
American expatriate writer turned amateur detective Urbino Macintyre returns for this seventh installment in the series. Set in modern Venice, this classic mystery is peopled by wealthy expatriates and local artists, writers, and eccentric Venetian characters.

Updated: 11/13/2009