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Sweden Is A Mystery

An increase of crime in Sweden has been credited with an increase in Swedish crime novel writing, and the quality of this infusion into the mystery genre cannot be denied.

Edwardson, Åke
Frozen Tracks: An Inspector Erik Winter Novel
Swedish noir masterfully played out on a landscape as sinister and threatening as the crimes themselves.
Ekman, Kerstin
In a novel overlaid with an eerie and uniquely Nordic atmosphere, a woman is haunted by an unsolved crime.
Eriksson, Kjell
The Demon of Dakar
Series Detective Ann Lindell and her cohorts on the police force must solve a murder despite a plethora of intriguing yet potentially deadly suspects.
Jungstedt, Mari
The disappearance of a fourteen-year-old girl is just the beginning in a tale augmented by the shaded elements of a somber landscape.
Larsson, Asa
The Black Path
This thriller/mystery showcases Swedish society while engaging the reader's emotional response and vested interest in the outcome.
Nesser, Håkan
Mind's Eye: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery
This first novel in the Inspector Van Veeteren series is now available in English, so those who have enjoyed the later installments can find out how this phenomenally successful series started.
Tursten, Helene
The Glass Devil
A glimpse of society in modern day Sweden is revealed as the solution to a gruesome murder plays out.

Updated: January 5, 2010